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Quoter Product Update: Massive Multi-Feature Release

With our Shape Up-inspired product development process now in full swing, we are seeing shorter development cycles and sometimes multiple releases will even coincide.  This week the stars have aligned – or rather, our feature releases! 

We have exciting news that is relevant to almost every single one of you, our highly valued and loved partners (now over 1,500 organizations strong đź’Ş).

Product Cloud Items on Templates

Firstly, for all of you who requested being able to add distributor items to your Quote Templates – that is now possible!  You’ll never again spend time searching Product Cloud for regularly quoted MPNs/SKUs.  Simply add them to a Template, create a Quote from that Template, and voilĂ  – your Quote will pre-populate with the best-priced available option from your integrated distributors.  Add a few Product Cloud Line Items to the Template and pick the one you want for your Quote by just updating the quantity value.

See our knowledge base article on PSA and Product Cloud.
See our knowledge base article on PSA and Product Cloud Items on Quotes.

Single Select

One of our most requested features has been the ability to allow customers to make a single selection (i.e., a radio button) from multiple Items.  Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s here! 

But we didn’t only build Single Select Line Item Groups, which require your customer to select a single Line Item from a group of Line Items – we also built the insanely powerful and flexible Single Select Sections. 

quoter single select feature

Single Select Sections require your customer to pick one of several Quote Sections.  You can offer different term lengths, plan options, or packages with Single Select Sections to improve your customer’s experience, reduce errors, and speed up your Quote-to-Cash process.  Single Select Sections can include Single Select Line Item Groups and regular Line Items.

See our knowledge base article on Single Select.

Single Select is included in our Pro Plan and as a paid add-on for our other plans. 

See a demo

Build Better Bundles

We’ve heard you loud and clear that Bundles need a little attention!  Before now, you could show the Bundle and hide the Line Items that made up the Bundle, or you could show only the Line Items in the Bundle, but not both.  Worlds have collided – you can now build better Bundles. 

You can now add Bundles (either pre-built or on-the-fly) on your Quotes that show both the total price of all the Bundled Line Items, as well as the quantity for each Line Item, but now with the ability to hide the Line Items’ prices.  This adds flexibility while enhancing your customer’s experience.

quoter bundles show and line items

Bundles are included in our Standard Plan and above, or as a paid add-on.

See a demo

There’s so much more in the works that I want to talk about but I can’t just yet…  Stay tuned!

For now, thanks for being a valued partner of ours.

Happy Quoting! 🤗

Ash Welsh,
Senior Product Manager

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