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Quoter Product Update: Procurement Pick List

If you’re a Managed Service Provider selling hardware, listen up! We just shipped a feature to help with procurement.

Trigger: Quote is accepted

Action: Email notification sent

Email content:

  • Quote name
  • Date
  • Quote owner
  • Type
  • Quote status triggered by
  • Customer billing address
  • Internal notes (if applicable)
  • Distributor name
  • Item name
  • Part number
  • Supplier SKU
  • Quantity
  • Quoted Cost (per item)
  • Attached copy of the quote or proposal

Set up Procurement Pick List

Login: app.quoter.com

Settings > General Settings > Email Notification Settings

Add an email recipient, or multiple separated by a comma.

email settings procurement pick list

When a quote is accepted, an email is sent with the order details.

Quickly reference which products need to be ordered or picked from inventory.

inbox procurement pick list

Procurement notification email sample

email content procurement pick list

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