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Search + Add Amazon Products to your next Quote

Quoter’s new integration with Amazon Business simplifies the quote creation process by allowing the direct addition of Amazon products into quotes. This feature is particularly useful for businesses, including Managed Service Providers (MSPs), in the USA and Canada, aiming to enhance their operational workflows.

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Ease of Use

This integration provides a seamless way to incorporate products from Amazon directly into quotes, mimicking the familiar online shopping experience. It enables users to quickly search for and add products, facilitating the preparation of detailed and accurate quotes efficiently.

Geographic Coverage

Available for Amazon Business accounts in the USA and Canada, this integration extends its benefits to a broad audience, offering a practical tool for a variety of businesses.

Beta Phase Advantages

While in beta, the integration presents an opportunity for users to provide feedback that influences its ongoing refinement and enhancements. This process ensures that the tool evolves in a way that meets the diverse needs and challenges of its users.

Practical Benefits

The integration automatically applies default markup values set under general settings to Amazon items added to quotes. This feature maintains pricing consistency automatically, helping businesses manage their financial strategies more effectively without the need for manual recalculations.


Quoter’s integration with Amazon Business offers significant advantages in enhancing the quoting process by providing a quick and accurate method to add products to quotes. This tool not only saves time but also ensures consistency in pricing, crucial for maintaining profitability and streamlining business operations. As this feature continues to develop, it promises to be an essential resource for businesses looking to optimize their quoting practices.

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