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3 Ways Quoter Can Help Your Sponsorship Packages Stand Out From Other Events & Conferences

In the world of events and conferences, sponsorship is the lifeblood that keeps these gatherings thriving. As an event organizer, your sponsorship packages must stand out from the crowd to attract and retain valuable sponsors.

That’s where Quoter comes in. With its customer-centric features and user-friendly interface, Quoter enhances sponsorship sales and makes it easier for prospects to convert.

Let’s explore three key ways Quoter can help close more sponsorship deals. 

Segmentation & Personalization

One of the biggest challenges in sponsorship is effectively targeting your prospects. With a range of CRM integrations from Quoter, you can automatically populate customer/prospect data based on criteria such as company name or contact name.

Segmentation is a crucial aspect of sponsorship, allowing you to identify and focus on the most relevant prospects. By understanding each potential sponsor’s specific needs and goals, you can create tailored sponsorship packages that offer benefits and experiences that resonate with them.

For example, if you organize a technology conference, you can use your CRM to segment your potential sponsors based on their industry, enabling you to target technology companies and ensuring that your sponsorship offerings align with their interests and objectives.

By leveraging Quoter’s CRM integration options, you can personalize sponsorship proposals, making your sponsors feel valued and understood.

Throughout the event cycle, you can continue to tailor your communications and offerings based on your sponsors’ evolving needs and interests.

For instance, if a sponsor has recently expanded their business into a new market, you can proactively contact them with sponsorship opportunities that align with their expansion plans. This level of attentiveness and customization sets you apart from your competitors and strengthens your sponsor relationships. Now, that’s what we call a proactive revenue mindset

In conclusion, Quoter’s CRM integrations empower you to effectively create tailored sponsorship packages without customer data errors. By leveraging CRM data, you can maintain strong connections with your sponsors, ensuring that your partnerships are meaningful and productive.

Customizable Packages

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sponsorship packages because every sponsor has different objectives and requirements when participating in an event or conference. It’s essential to cater to the specific needs of each sponsor. With Quoter, you can create fully customizable sponsorship packages that align with their goals.

With smart, reusable templates, building customized sponsorship packages has never been easier. Whether it’s logo placement, booth space, speaking opportunities, or exclusive networking events, Quoter allows you to tailor the packages to reflect the unique value proposition of each sponsor. 

Instead of letting a price sheet do the job, with Quoter you can quickly build a customized sponsorship package quote with bottom-line calculations and the option for the prospect to sign the contract and make payment on the spot. By demonstrating your commitment to their success, you will not only strengthen your relationship with the sponsor but also elevate their overall quote-to-cash experience.

Quoter’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes building out your templates a breeze. You won’t have to settle for cookie-cutter packages that fail to capture the essence of what each sponsor wants to achieve.

Furthermore, Quoter’s platform provides valuable insights and data to help you make informed decisions when customizing the sponsorship packages. You can analyze past sponsor performance, track engagement metrics, and identify trends to ensure that your packages are optimized for success.

Don’t limit yourself to generic sponsorship packages that may not resonate with your sponsors or leave them with limited information to decide based on. With Quoter, you have the power to create packages that are tailored to their specific needs, goals, and objectives. By offering a personalized experience, you will attract more sponsors and create long-lasting partnerships. 

Secure Online Payment Processing

The logistics of sponsorship sales can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when it comes to managing payments. Quoter simplifies this process by offering secure online payment solutions integrated directly into the platform.

With Quoter’s payment processing feature, sponsors can conveniently make payments online, eliminating the hassle of manual invoicing and chasing payments. This automation saves you time and effort and ensures a more efficient and streamlined sponsorship process.

Online payment processing improve the overall experience for your sponsors. By providing a seamless and user-friendly payment process, sponsors will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of engaging with your event or conference. 

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Send Fewer Emails, Sell More Sponsorships

Quoter is changing the way event and conference organizers sell more sponsorship packages. Through integrations for segmentation and personalization, customizable packages, and online payment processing, Quoter empowers you to create meaningful connections with your sponsors, deliver exceptional value, and, most importantly, close more deals. 

Upgrade your sponsorship sales process with Quoter

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