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Quoter Product Update: Product Cloud V2

What is the Product Cloud?

For IT service providers that sell hardware, our product cloud uses the standardized product data feed by GfK Etilize allowing you to search products within Quoter. We’re proud to offer Product Cloud on all of our pricing plans and today, we are announcing some improvements!

How does the Quoter Product Cloud work?

Product Cloud lets you shop tech hardware when building a sales quote or proposal. Adding product details to a quote is done in 3 steps, and you’re in control to set your profit margins and content that is display to the end customer. This workflow significantly reduces the time required when reselling hardware.

product cloud v2 search results
Step 1: Searching for a product using product cloud by keyword or manufacturer part number
product cloud line item quote hardware
Step 2: Adding a product to a quote with options to revise the product description or other details.
sales quote sample hardware
Step 3: Product on a quote sent to a customer.

What’s different in V2?

Improvements have been made to have our users finding products that are in-stock with distributors faster. When a product search is made, Product Cloud will check the query against the Etilize product catalog, then find a match from a distributor. The results will only list products with pricing and availability.

We have also added infinite scroll and other minor UX improvements.

How to integrate distributors

Our product cloud supports these technology distributors for real-time pricing and availability:

Multiple distributors can be integrated with your Quoter account. After signing in head to:

Settings > Integrations > New Integration

You will then need to authenticate the connection using your distributor credentials.

quoter product update product cloud v2 etilize

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