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Quoter Product Update: Taxes

Update (07/07/22): Our integration with Avalara is now live!

We are excited to announce a big improvement to how sales taxes are configured within Quoter.

This is been a popular request from our partners, especially those in the United States that operate across borders and jurisdictions.

However, this improvement will give more flexibility to businesses in any country, and it has been built in a way that requires very little maintenance once configured.

Sales Tax Hierarchy, Federal Tax, Provincial or State Tax, Jurisdiction or County Tax

This new set of controls will allow your business to configure more specific, standardized tax settings that are then added to quotes and proposals. Rather than having a single “flat” tax zone defined in your account settings, we now support a sales tax hierarchy allowing federal tax codes to be set at the country and state level, and county tax(es) to be nested with a state.

Sales tax quote sample VAT GST
  • Shipping costs can be tax-exempt or included
  • A default tax jurisdiction can be set for a given province or state
  • No limit on tax rates shown on a quote

When needed, tax rates can be defined at the time of creating a quote. This is recommended for Value-added Tax (VAT), Duties or other specialty tax.

When signing into Quoter you will see an updated interface with slightly different naming:

“Tax Zones” are now split into two groups:

  1. Tax Codes
    • Used for federal or national tax
    • Used for provincial or state tax
  2. Tax Jurisdictions
    • Used for local, county or jurisdiction tax
    • These are nested within a Province or State
    • Multiple Tax Codes can be added within one jurisdiction
County or jurisdiction sales tax settings

Find your new sales tax controls:

Sign in: app.quoter.com

Navigate to: SETTINGS > TAXES

Questions or Feedback?

Please contact us with any questions or feedback on this product update. We plan to improve even further with an Avalara integration on our roadmap for Q2!

Update (07/07/22): Our integration with Avalara is now live!


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