Socket Update: Navigation Changes

Previously, when needing to manage your Items and Templates (formerly Quote Templates), you needed to first navigate to the Quotes tab before you could make the appropriate selection from the sub-navigation menu. These extra mouse-clicks equated to spending too much … Read More

Socket Rebrand and Navigation Changes

With the launch of our new website and brand, we’ve gone ahead and applied a few cosmetic changes to the app to match, including a fresh colour scheme and our new Socket logo. Beyond that, we’ve made a change to … Read More

Stay Classy, Web Marketers: How to Get More Conversions with Classic Web Conventions

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What Would Don Draper Say (About Web Usability)?

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Your Customers Are Scanning: Research-Based Tips For Better Web Usability

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Convenience: The Crux of Customer Service Online

Meet me in my office for a discussion about web marketing. You can find me at the Starbucks two blocks from my home, where the WiFi connection is fast, the refills are free, and the background noise is inoffensive. I … Read More

We Want You To Want More: 7 Effective Call to Action Strategies

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