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Quoter Product Update: April 2024

Get a monthly behind-the-scenes look at what Quoter’s development team is up to. Learn about recent product release challenges, wins, and Partner impact. Delivered straight from the source – Ash, Quoter’s Senior Product Manager. Includes teasers for next month’s releases!

March was a really big month for Quoter’s development squads. There was a lot to celebrate between our Amazon integration release, enhancements to our HaloPSA integration, and the unveiling of a new HTML content editor. 

I want to give a special shout-out to José, one of our developers who took on the role of “Roamer” with total professionalism and skill. While our squads focused on larger projects, José tackled numerous tickets, releasing meaningful features on a daily basis, bug fixes, and improvements that keep value and utility for our Partners at the forefront. You rule, José! 

Last month, I teased a significant, new feature for Quoter that two of our development squads were working on together. That feature is still in production, but we’re looking forward to releasing it to our Partners soon, so check back next month for all the details!

Price Lookup: Quoter + Amazon

If you’ve ever had a client reply to your quote saying, “I found this cheaper on Amazon!” you’ll love our latest integration. 

Quoter + Amazon allows you to look up products based on your Amazon business account and easily compare pricing to your other distributors. You can also add Amazon products to your quote with all the spec details included. 

It’s currently supported in the United States and Canada, and we’ve already had requests to expand it to other countries. 

We’re already receiving positive feedback from Partners using the integration to expedite their quoting process and reduce back-and-forths on client quotes.

If you’re a Quoter Partner using the Amazon integration now, please let us know your thoughts! Expansions, such as adding the ability to create and store an Amazon quote in the background in Quoter will be at the top of our list if our Partners express interest. 

Please share your feedback here! 

See Overview: Quoter + Amazon
Read: Support Documentation

amazon logo

Quoter + HaloPSA Enhancements

In February, we announced the release of several Quoter + HaloPSA integration updates built in collaboration with HaloPSA’s development team. 

Last month, we took it one step further, and today, we’re excited to share details on our latest work. We’ve taken complete control of the integration, making it much easier for our Partners to authenticate it. Whereas before, the setup had to be configured in both products, now it’s one-and-done in Quoter. This has also eliminated the need for mapping in HaloPSA for categories to their product groups. It’s a super time saver for onboarding Quoter. 

There’s also improved support for taxes and discounts and several details we’ve added to match what HaloPSA had built previously for the integration, but all within their API. 

This is a massive release for our Partners who use HaloPSA, and we’re already gathering feedback for further investment. We really want to understand what would make this the best quoting solution integrated into HaloPSA, so if you have thoughts, let us know! 

See Overview: Quoter + HaloPSA
Watch on YouTube: Integration Overview

HaloPSA Logo

New HTML Content Editor

Quoter already does a great job of making it easy to create new quote templates, but we’re obsessed with improving the process even further. That’s why we’ve replaced our HTML editor — CKEditor — with Froala.

Froala streamlines image manipulation, table manipulation, and content editing. We’re excited to see its intuitive interface help Partners customize their quotes faster. 

This release is in beta, so Partners are welcome to try it out. Templates and other content types should transfer over perfectly. And if you’re not ready to make the switch, don’t worry: you can still toggle to edit in CKEditor during this interim beta period.

froala logo

Now’s your chance to make Quoter your own

Our development squads run on Partner feedback. If you have an idea or suggestion for making Quoter better for the way you manage quote-to-cash and contracts, let us know!

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