Today we’re happy to announce one of our most requested features is now available to Socket Partners on our Station plan and above. Our real-time reporting offers a sales Leaderboard and Items Report:

Find out more about what’s included in each of these reports below:


  • Rank your sales team by total won revenue for a given period.
  • Breakdown your sales team’s quotes by “Won”, “Pending”, or “Lost”.
  • See your top performing accounts.
  • See which sales people sell items with the highest margin.


  • See your top performing items for a given period.
  • Breakdown your item’s performance by “Won”, “Pending”, or “Lost” quote status.
  • Summary of your most quoted item types.
  • Detailed report on each item’s performance including: price and cost averages of pending and won quotes.
  • Export detailed item performance reports.

Interested in our Reporting feature? Please contact us to arrange a demo!

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