Socket Pro Tips: Email File Attachments

There are times when you’re emailing a Quote to a customer where you’ll need to either add additional attachments (if using the Email File Attachments at the Quote Template level) or simply add attachments on a Quote-by-Quote basis. Our improved … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Editable Quote Numbers

Our Editable Quote Number functionality will allow you to edit the Quote Number on a Quote-by-Quote basis when either creating or editing the Quote. When creating a Quote, you can edit the Quote Number by entering your desired number in the … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Embedding Images into Socket using Dropbox

For any of our Partners who are embedding images into Socket from Dropbox that are encountering issues with the images not rendering in CKEditor when pasting the image address into the URL field, we wanted to provide the necessary steps to … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: User Signatures

Here’s a step by step guide to get User Signatures set up for your account: The first step is to set a default company email signature. This will be used in cases where there is no direct user associated with … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Auto CC/BCC

When either editing or creating a Quote Template, you can choose to Auto CC and Auto BCC addresses based upon your specific needs by going to the Quote Template “Settings” tab and including the required email addresses in the respective … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Item Options vs Custom Fields

Item Options allow you to define Item Option Values that will adjust the Base Price of your Item based upon the Item Option value(s) selected. For example, selecting Option 5 will increase the Base Price of the Item by $2500: Custom Fields … Read More