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New Feature: Per Reseller Connectors

As promised, per Reseller Connectors are now available! This will allow our partner’s Resellers to integrate with their own third-party systems and track their sales process in a more familiar way.

As mentioned in the previous Reseller improvements post, we added a new “Reseller Admin” User Type to manage these new options. These User Types can access the Settings > Integrations area in order to add a new connector or view details on existing connectors:

The new functionality works as follows:

  • When creating a Connector as a User associated with the main account, there is a new option “Apply to all Resellers”. This will push the details of any Quotes created by any Resellers to the created Connector. This is how the Connectors worked previously – anything created by a Reseller would get pushed to the main account’s Connectors, so we defaulted all of the existing Connectors to have this option enabled.
  • Users associated with the main account can see their Reseller’s Connectors, can view request statuses, and delete the Connector, but they cannot edit.
  • Reseller Admins can only see Connectors that have been created specifically by that Reseller. They have full control over these Connectors.

We hope this new functionality makes it even more enticing for your Resellers to resell your products. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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