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Quoter Pro Tips: Email Quote Tracking

Our Email Quote Tracking functionality will allow you to keep track of communication with customers, and know the right time to follow up on all Quotes sent from within Quoter:

email tracking status

The different colours on the email icon will represent an email status, which can be:

  • White: not sent, or we do not have data. Depending on your account emails sent before October may not have any information
  • Black: sent, but not yet processed or delivered
  • Blue: processed and delivered, but not yet opened
  • Green: opened
  • Red: bounced, likely due to a mistyped email
  • Red with yellow: the customer has reported the Quote as spam. This is very serious as it will impact either our (or your, if you have email white-labelling enabled) domain reputation, which can cause problems with email deliverability.

Clicking on a coloured email icon will provide a more detailed view of the Quote’s email status:

By hovering over each status, you can see the most recent event for that status. If you’d like a more detailed view of each individual event, click the View Logs link:

email tracking for a pending quote

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